“Because I was born in April,” Haruna “is the name …” A quietly pretty girl answering with a lovely smile, Haruharu Hanada. A beautiful girl with a little eyes on her clear skin makes her gravure debut from “tomorrow”! Since I graduated from school, my uniform looks nice. Wearing a smaller bikini than a private swimsuit, start shooting! The cute angel that caught up attractive in front of the camera is cute. Town bag suits perfectly for peach. “Is this good … how is it?” Haruna Chan who shifted the shorts according to the guidance of the cameraman and hides the bud of the maiden with both hands. Was it truly embarrassing, Haruna Chan’s pure white skin got dyed pale red. “Do you like this kind of guy?” Haruna Chan asking with a blunt smile. Although I do not know anything, I can not take my eyes off from her who takes a pose like inviting nature. ※ This product will be BD-R.

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