Hiromi-chan, my younger sister with eyes. I grew up before I saw it for a while, and I’m 151 cm tall! If I grow taller than this, I won’t play with my brother! But, “I’m sorry, brother”, I’ll forgive you because I’m spoiled. Well, what kind of play should I play with my brother today? The house and the cake shop are over. Let’s play Hiromi-chan’s dress-up today! Take off Hiromi-chan’s clothes right away … Hiromi-chan is wearing such adult-like underwear! ?? No, the underwear is white cotton bra and cotton bread! If you don’t do what your brother says, I won’t give you a snack today! That Hiromi-chan, I shook my mouth. Okay, okay, my brother will give you a secret massage, so please be in a good mood. See, how is it? It feels good to be touched here. My older brother also does it every day, so you can see where it feels good. I bought a new school swimsuit today, so let’s wear this, Hiromi-chan. I’ll take it off anyway, but www *

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