One time miracle in a few years fought ranking top in a major sales site on DVD release month [Erina Asakura] Once you see it … It is addictive 【Ami Sasano】 The long-awaited co-finished work finally appears ! ! ! In this work, in the deployment to spend by three people unexpectedly at fan meeting? ! Spend the day together, let me peep in the skirt, or show off dancing with a maid cafe and hospitality with ice cream. Continue to look at the gravure costume worn by you to massage, keep watching the gaze to the camera watchfully … It will be a day to swell imagination like a dream that gently whispers to tear off the tension ♪ If you look at the unexpectedly harmonious balance feeling such as one in two people convinced … Again rejoin the image of the idol cooperation image Please expect the latest work which will remain in the history of DVD!

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